2013 CEFPI Annual Conference and Expo

September 20-23, 2013


Indianapolis, IN

I am excited to invite you to join us for the 2013 CEFPI Annual Conference and Exposition in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Indianapolis is a great setting for our annual conference as it has a strong commitment to education, with over 350 elementary and secondary schools, and a large number of world-renowned higher education systems. Cultural and entertainment venues, world-class museums, theater performances, major concert tours, parks, clubs and cafes, all add to the vibrancy of this spectacular capital city that provides such a unique range of educational and recreational opportunities.

In addition, Indianapolis is known as the nation’s amateur sports capital, as it is host to many sports teams and events, including internationally renowned racing events the Indianapolis 500 and the NASCAR Brickyard 400.

The theme of this year’s conference “Raising the Game – A call for Leadership, Creativity and Passion” builds on this strong reputation of sports, competition and winning. In order to succeed in sports, it takes dedication, passion and a desire to succeed.  This same attitude must permeate the way we tackle the planning, design and construction of educational facilities.

This year’s conference will inspire us to “level up” and take on an active leadership role to ensure that new educational spaces are not a clone of the past. As leaders, we must bring our creative spirit and our passion to providing spaces that are exciting, inviting, and agile.  Our new school facilities must foster collaboration and innovation, providing the setting for students globally to succeed at their own “game”.

The year’s conference platform is a bit different from other years, with exciting keynote speakers, as well as a variety of sessions, including “pit stops”, to allow each attendee to design their own game day plan. In addition, site visits to a wide range of innovative facilities, a wide range of trade exhibits and the opportunity to network with colleagues, make this year’s conference a sure winner.

Join us for this challenging and exciting experience in Indianapolis. I look forward to seeing you there and challenging you to “Raise your Game”.


Irene Nigaglioni

CEFPI Chair 2013



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